Friends and family of Legacy,

It’s with sadness in our heart that we’re announcing the closing of our doors for good next month. We can assure you this decision was not easy, and every possible option was explored to avoid this. We are heartbroken for our staff and all of our loyal guests.


Life has been chaotic for everyone these last few years, and unfortunately that doesn’t even begin to describe the situation for restaurants. Food shortages, supply chain disruption and staffing challenges were just a few of the many issues we’ve been battling since last year. As opposed to focus on the negatives, we want to reflect on the countless positive interactions, relationships and memories that happened in our little restaurant. Those are what we will cherish, and the Legacy will always live on in our hearts.


We would say thank you, but that falls incredibly short of the message we want to convey to all of you. YOU are the reason we were able to stay open as long as we did, and we are forever grateful for all of the many loyal guests that have walked through our doors. From Farmstead to Legacy, we have been graced with so many beautiful smiles, and that’s the Legacy we’ll remember. That’s the Legacy that will live on. That’s the Legacy that will never close!


From all of us here, we’d love to see you one last time. Our last official day in business will be Saturday, November 6th. The menu may be limited, so bear with us. We will be open and continuing to serve the same quality food with a smile until then!


We have one ask of you. Please. Support our local restaurants! The struggle is real out there, and we don’t want to see more amazing restaurants share our fate. Everyone has the same problems we are facing, so please, come in with an open mind, and be understanding. The food may take a few extra minutes and your favorite meal may be out that day. Seriously, skip the fast food next time, and try something new from your local eatery. It will mean more than you know!!!


It’s been an honor to serve such an incredible community.


Thank you for the memories…


The Legacy Crew

To order, call us at  419-253-5337 

NOW OPEN for indoor dining!

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